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Yama and Niyama – Satya (Week 2 Day 3)

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Yoga
  • Re-energize your words by speaking truth. Rediscover the power of words (potency).
  • Satya involves perfect truth in thought, speech and deed.
  • Connection of lying to fear – by telling truth, you will develop fearlessness
  • Sometimes it is OK to like out of wisdom for others.
  • Truth is not used to harm others.
  • There is no higher religion than truth.
  • God is truth, goodness, beauty.
  • Our words have lost much of its potency because we speak a lot and blah a lot. There is a technique in yoga, the practice of silence (mauna), where the practitioner does not speak for a period of time. At the end, you will discover how much we say is actually fluff and understand to speak with real meanings – regain control of your speech.
  • Only the one who knows how to ponder each word can say the truth; this thing becomes a condition of his speech…In this way he can control to such an extent the vehicle of speech that everything he utters will fulfill.
  • Sutra of Patanjali – whatever the being says will fulfill, and the result of the actions depends entirely on her will.
  • Vak siddhi – prophecy could be looked at from another angle – because you said it, it became true. This is the paranormal results of long practice of satya. Words manifests to reality (psychic speech).

Chakrasana (Week 2 Day 3)

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Yoga
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Also called urdhvadhanurasana (raised bow)

Telluric energy

Flushing lots of energy into the body to your dominant chakra.

Very vitalizing pose -> “happy” pose

The mind of the usaual man is full of innumerable thoughts, which he doesn’t control, and because of this it has no power. Instead of this untidy crowd of ideas it would exist but one, that would occupy the entire field of the attention, it would become a force by itself and could exert a great influence.
– Ramana Maharsi
  • We need to focus our mind in order to attune. The asanas are like antennas to help us with attune to the universal energies.
  • Our monkey mind does not want to be tamed. In order to control the mind, it needs to be boring. The mind does not like this, it wants pleasure.
  • The focused thought, concentrated upon one single object is a force. It is as concrete and substantial as a skull and it is the greatest force in the world.
  • You are always exactly what you think. Everybody’s action is conditioned by his thoughts. Therefore one must remove as much as possible negative thought. The fear must be expelled, if it’s possible even for good and all, and the being must be flooded with confidence and love. We must believe strongly in our possibilities…We are such built that it is on ourselves that our decline or ascent depends…The man is a conscious self-builder, and yoga offers the building know-how.

Shambhavi Mudra

  • Small, light, simple object, easy to be replaced. (e.g. ping pong ball)
  • Hold it 10-16 cm in front of your forehead (ajna chakra) – mental screen
  • Try to see the same ping pong ball with eyes closed
  • 5 minutes or longer everyday
  • Increased mental clarity

Even if the mind flees during the concentration, don’t worry. Let it go. Then, gently bring it back to the object of concentration.

– Swami Sivananda

Other simple techniques

  • Throw a handful of grains (rice) on the table, look at them and count them, with out touching.
  • Follow a tick-tock clock for a couple of minute, then try to exert your will power to not hear it any more.
  • Ignore an attractive TV or radio program. Instead focus on another object.
  • Tackle a problem that interest you. Interrupt it randomly and from that moment ignore it completely.
  • Focus your attention upon your body and then mentally see yourself as if you are outside of yourself. (Placing yourself mentally in one corner of the room)

Vajrasana (Week 2 Day 2)

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Yoga
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Vajra – thunderbolt or diamond (like lightning & diamond can cut through any illusion – a sharp mind)

No warming exercise required; could be done directly after eating -> helps with digestion by limiting the downward flow of the blood and keeping it up in the torso.

Concentrate simultaneously on the ajna and anahata chakra. Hand facing inwards, thumbs on side of the thighs.

Develops compassion – understanding of the heart (mind in the heart, heart in the mind)

Diamond (rainbow) body – “hardening” (purifying) of the body

Great meditation post.

Yama and Niyama – Ahimsa (Week 2 Day 1)

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Yoga
  • Yama – refrainings or forbiddings, moral, attitude towards the others
  • Niyama – ought to be dones, ethic, attitude towards oneself
  • These are fundamental law of the universe, shortcuts in life.
  • Without these proper grounding, you are just amplifying your impurities through the practice of yoga.
  • Each of these two stages consists of five rules
  • Understand each rule from the following level: actions -> speech -> thoughts
  • Practicing and manifesting, creates positive resonance for you to live harmoniously with external factors.
  • Kali Yuga – we are in a spiritual dark age – too many distracting elements and no great spiritual role models.


  • Non-violence, non-harming – physically, verbally, mentally
  • There is always a non-violent solution.
  • Can you examine an ahimsa by its net effect?
    • It is not about the action, it is about where it comes from.
  • Being non-violent is not about non-acting. It is about always acting out of love.
  • Practicing the resonance of non-violence creates a field of non-violence that inhibits violence around you.
  • Violence is born from fear,weakness, ignorance or anxiety. To master it, one needs to be liberated from fear. Also helps when one understands that one’s life is inevitably connected with that of the others.

Trikonasana (Week 2 Day 1)

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Trikona – triangle

Concentrate on the fire energy of the manipura chakra – helps with self confidence, courage and control of anger.

There are 20 – 22 secondary chakras – for this pose, candra chakra on the left, surya chakra on the right.

This asana is associated with the Libra zodiac sign.

Benefits: lateral movement of the spine, youthfulness of the body, abdominal belt & neck strengthening

Music Meditation (Week 1 Day 5)

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Yoga
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  • Music was seen as a science of vibration, the technology of enlightenment, with objective effects; not just entertainment, self expression, subjective
  • Meditation – controlled expansion of conscious
  • A music interval influences us psychically by its vibratory nature. Thus it affects our subconscious and influences our emotions.
  • Be careful with the choice of music – you are giving power to your internal state to an external factor
  • Raga – collection of musical notes, Indian tradition
  • Primary instrument – rudra veena
    • Tune and made for each specific musician according to the lengths of his spine
    • Shaped like a “aum” symble
  • Different instrument resonate with different chakras. i.e. didgeridoo – muladhara
  • Music is no longer considered by musicians as a spiritual practice.
  • Book recommendation:
    • Alain Danielou – Music and the Power of Sound: The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness
    • Thomas Marcotty – The Way Music (How to Conjure with Sound): Rudra Veena: The Theory and Technique of Tantric Music

Paschimottanasana (Week 1 Day 5)

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Yoga
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Paschimo – westward     Ottana – rising

Very classic and is considered one of the most healing asanas.

Concentrate on the muladhara chakra. Remain in this asana for 3 hours and 48 minutes, a state of samadhi may effortlessly and almost spontaneously develop.

Keep you young (longevity) because of the rising of kundalini through spine. Also helps with obesity, skin disease, nerve issues, impedance and more.

Pancakosa – The Five Bodies (Week 1 Day 4)

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Yoga

Panca – five     kosa – sheet, body, vehicle of consciousness

These are not shells – each one penetrates each other. Think the different colors of candle light.

The physical body is actually the most superficial layer of man, while the causal body is closer to the essence, the core.

The gross body

Made of physical substance. Every being is more or less conscious about this level during the state of wakefulness.

  • Annamayakosa
    • Anna – food     maya – made
    • The body of food
    • There is a physical aspect to spiritual phenomenon
  • Pranamayakosa
    • The vital layer, etheric double, prana makes you alive
    • Chakras are located in this body
    • Blueprint of growth

The subtle body

Controlled by the ajna chakra (third eye)

Sense of ego, “I-ness” (ahamkara)

Controls various aspect of the psyche, soul, subconscious

  • Manomayakosa
    • Emotional mind, astral body, aura
    • Roughly egg shape of moving, shifting energy
    • Changing shape and color – subjective perception
    • Consciousness is shifted to this body during sleep (astral projection, out of body experience)
  • Vijnanamayakosa
    • Vi – extreme     jnana – knowledge
    • Body of higher knowledge, ideas, conceptual thinking, superior conscious

The causal body

The body belongs to the ultimate cause, the vehicle of the Absolute.

Passing from the ego to the Self is realized, together with the awareness of the infinite potential which one possesses.

  • Anandamayakosa
    • Ananda – bliss
    • This body is under sahasrara – the unity of the being

Bhujangasana (Week 1 Day 4)

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Yoga
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Bhujanga – cobra

Concentrate on anahata chakra – pure universal love (works with the emotional body)

This is a balancing pose – 3 chakras above, 3 chakras below; channeling both cosmic and telluric energy

Love simply because you feel love.