Agama Yoga (Week 1 Day 1)

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Yoga

Hector – don’t believe anything. Practice and experience yourself.

There is no yoga without concentration of the mind.

We do not see things as they are. We see as we are.

Fundamental principles of Yoga – Everything is energy.

How yoga works?

  • Principle of Correspondence
    • Our human body is an identical copy of the universe.
    • The energy in our body come from the universe. e.g. think yourself as a sailboat
    • Sufi tradition – Man is a small Universe, and the Universe is a great man.
  • Principle of Resonance
    • Resonance – transfer of energy i.e. vibration
    • The claim of “running out of energy” is incorrect. e.g. you cannot run out of love. Love comes from the infinite universe (the cosmic love) and you manifest it.
    • Whatever you feel inside or experience. There exist in the universe and you are manifesting it. There are nothing you can experience that is not from the universe.
  • Yoga can teach you how to get what you need from the universal energy.
  • Like a radio, you need to tune-in to connect to the energies.
    • Tuning button – concentration of the mind
    • Antenna – chakras

Yoga is not gymnastic. It does not matter how flexible your body is, without concentration, nothing can be achieved. All yoga is in the mind.

Monkey Mind – we cannot control what or when to think.

Body is a tool to help you concentrate the mind and be more attuned with the universe. Flexing the body is a prop to open the chakras.

Chakras (in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’)

  • Wheel of energy in your body that connects with the 7 basic fundamental energies of the universe.
  • Like gates – all energy flow through them.

Introductory Ideas

  • Yoga means union, fusion, and a setting into unison. Yoga is a method of resonating between the superior beneficial aspects of the Universe with the corresponding levels within the person.
  • Yoga involves a gradual expansion of the consciousness from the finite toward the infinite.
  • Greeks – Know thyself, and thou shall know the Universe.
  • Universe is the central broadcasting station and a person acts as a small emission-reception radio.
  • Concentration and desire for personal development in any exercise are essential.
  • Purification of the practitioner is another necessity in order to increase resonance. This allows the energies to flow unhindered and allows the practitioner to control of these energies.
  • Chakras
  • Muladhara (4 petals)
    • Pelvic area between anus and sexual organ
    • Earth, vitality, life, potential, energy, rigidity, endurance
  • Svadhisthana (6 petals)
    • Three finger breadths above the sexual organ
    • Water, sexuality, instinct, emotion, sensitivity, creativity, art, moon, social mimicry
  • Manipura (10 petals)
    • Navel
    • Fire, sun, will power, courage, control, confidence, ego, expansion, dynamism, passion, hara (Far Eastern)
  • Anahata (12 petals)
    • Middle of the chest, at the level of heart
    • Air, love, affectivity, selflessness, intellectual feelings, harmony, sympathy
  • Visuddha (16 petals)
    • Above the hollow of the neck
    • Ether, intuition, quick and deep intelligence, elevation, sublime experiences, aesthetic revelations, inspiration
  • Ajna (96 petals)
    • Middle of the forehead
    • Third eye, mind energies, memory, extraordinary mental power, geniality, intuition, clairvoyance, command all other chakras,
  • Sahasrana (972 petals)
    • Top of the head
    • Not a proper chakra but most important, connect to the divine, the absolute
    • Being in touch with the eternal, Absolute, pure spirituality, the connection with God, wisdom


  • Take a serious attitude toward yoga. Yoga is not gymnastics, aerobic, or a sport. Rather, it is an accurate science of personal development.
  • Yoga will grant you the necessary modalities to live a happy life, develop your inner world, and also become closer to the secret forces of nature.
  • Empty stomach before session – 2 hours after eating
  • Allow 1/2 hour after session before eating
  • Avoid contact with water (shower, swimming) for 1.5 hours after session


  • Consciousness or the state of mind will become energy with practice.
  • There is a real effort in the world to exert individuality.
  • News channel pulling people into a sheep consciousness (culture)
  • The root problem is that people’s consciousness level is not high enough as most people live in the second chakra (svadistana)
  • We spend time with people who are at our level of chakra because there is a common language. It is boring for someone that lives on a higher level of chakra to speak to someone who is living on a lower level.


  • What is yoga?
    • Not: physical exercise, religion
    • Is: spiritual science using an empirical method
  • 4 main aspects of yoga:
    • Body: physically and energetically, better health and purification –> healing
    • Abilities: increasing abilities and capacities
    • Siddhis: power and supernatural abilities
    • Spirituality: all points leads to here. One must experience things before one can go beyond.
  • Yogis say, here are the tools, go out and find yourself.
  • Yoga is not about rules. Take the tools that works for you.
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