Agama Yoga (Week 1 Day 2)

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Yoga
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A bit of history

  • The tantric vs. vedantic split
  • Ascetics – tendency to deny oneself, lack of
    • The world is maya – somewhat false, a dream, an illusion.
    • The goal is to escape this world but the body always trying to pull one from the ultimate self and back to the world through bodily needs and wants.
    • The body is an obstacle to be tamed on the way to the soul.
  • Ascetic streams now dominate all worldly religion
    • Why? Because it works.
    • Those who suffer, remember
    • Denial yields awareness
    • They believe that Hatha yoga is somewhat misguided
  • Hatha (Tantric) yoga
    • By exploring the body, you are exploring every aspect of the Universe.
    • Tantra is not about black magic or sex.
    • It is a view of the world, a mindset.
    • Body and world orientated spirituality.
    • Experiencing the body is a doorway to experiencing reality.
    • Shakti – Energy. And this is to be worshiped.
    • Ascetic – Everything is maya, an illsion.
    • Tantra – Everything is energy (Yes, it is relative but that does not mean it is not valid)
    • Use the energy, rejoice it, find the spiritual in everything.
    • Bring your awareness to everything, go deeper.
    • Not trying to escape or denial.
    • If you use your body in the right way, you have a portable temple.
    • Using the body to find the divine, or creating a divine body.

The meaning of the asanas

  • Physiological
    • The best understood aspect of yoga.
    • Least understood is the work it does for the glands and hormones.
    • Asana requires time to really channel the energies through you, so hold them for long period of time.
    • Really focus during the awareness phase – feel the effects of the asanas have on your body.
  • Body-Energetic
    • Meridians 经络
    • Opening and closing of the circuits (similar to acupuncture)
  • Shape Energy
    • The power of geometric forms
    • Body is an expression of mood.
  • Psychosomatic Connection
    • Between mind and position of your body.
    • Body forms can create direct psychological effects.
  • Yoga is about freedom, not dependent on the asanas. Everything will eventually be done just with awareness without the need of asanas. So asanas are like training wheels.
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