Fundamental Principles of Yoga (Week 1 Day 3)

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Yoga
  • The yogi guides his consciousness from untruth toward truth; from pain, sorrow and disease toward peace, balance and happiness; and from unreality to reality.
  • Control mental turbulence and totally subordinate ourselves to our primordial essence and consciousness which is called atman.
  • The essential aim of yoga is the attainment of the state of samadhi, or of fusion between the infinite, absolute, ultimate essence of the Universe (the Macrocosm) with the ultimate essence of the microcosm of the being.
  • During the state of consonance with the infinite sources of cosmic energy, achieved in meditation, for instance, the mind is much more intelligent, more powerful, having a much enhanced capacity of control over organs and senses.
  • The main goal in yoga is the perpetual triumph of the consciousness over ignorance.
  • Yoga is not the property of any country, because it is specific to nature and consciousness which equally belongs to all humanity.

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