Yama and Niyama – Satya (Week 2 Day 3)

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Yoga
  • Re-energize your words by speaking truth. Rediscover the power of words (potency).
  • Satya involves perfect truth in thought, speech and deed.
  • Connection of lying to fear – by telling truth, you will develop fearlessness
  • Sometimes it is OK to like out of wisdom for others.
  • Truth is not used to harm others.
  • There is no higher religion than truth.
  • God is truth, goodness, beauty.
  • Our words have lost much of its potency because we speak a lot and blah a lot. There is a technique in yoga, the practice of silence (mauna), where the practitioner does not speak for a period of time. At the end, you will discover how much we say is actually fluff and understand to speak with real meanings – regain control of your speech.
  • Only the one who knows how to ponder each word can say the truth; this thing becomes a condition of his speech…In this way he can control to such an extent the vehicle of speech that everything he utters will fulfill.
  • Sutra of Patanjali – whatever the being says will fulfill, and the result of the actions depends entirely on her will.
  • Vak siddhi – prophecy could be looked at from another angle – because you said it, it became true. This is the paranormal results of long practice of satya. Words manifests to reality (psychic speech).

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