Sanka Praksalana (Week 4 Day 2)

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Yoga
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  • Sanka – conch – the small intestines     Praksalana – cleansing, purification
    • Also known as varisara dhauti


  • The most powerful and comprehensive kriyas in Hatha yoga.
    • Have effect on the physical and lower energetic level.
  • Self-pollution – we are constantly and naturally accumulating toxins and negative emotions, unless we actively clean them out.
  • Life is precious and you want to extend it for as long as possible. Therefore you practice these kriyas to keep your body (your vehicle) in good shape.
  • A main source of impurity (dense energy) is our diet.
    • The food we are eating today have evolved beyond what our digestive track is designed for.
    • We not have the original food anymore due to agriculture.
    • We have a very acidic diet – food which has cause an acidic effect on our body.
    • Food now is packed with starch and sugar and is missing fiber.
      • Fiber helps to scrub and move things down.
    • Residual buildup->toxins->disease
    • Mucoid plague – inhibits nutrient absorption and harbor toxins and parasites.
  • Other methods – enema (problematic), basti kriya (not easy for beginners)
  • Frequency – 4 times a year is a good amount – at the changing of the seasons


  • Time – 3-4 hours minimum (first time will take almost the entire day)
  • Fast the day before.
  • Lots of water – 7-9L minimum, warm (body temperature)
  • Salt – Himalayan salt, rock salt, sea salt, kosha salt – 1 tablespoon per liter
  • Toilet
  • Perseverance and patience- do it in group helps


  • Drink the salted water and perform the 4 movements
  • Perform each movement quickly and repeat alternatively at least four time on each side

  • Stages: feces->diarrhea->dirty liquid->clean liquid


  • Finish with vamana dhauti with salt water
  • No food or sleep for 30 minutes
  • Sanka meal (first meal) – mushy white rice with at least 40g of butter
  • No dairy or fruit for 24 hours, no meat, spice or alcohol for 48 hours
  • Rest and avoid violent physical exercise for 24 hours

Potential problems

  • Nausea – normal
  • Urinating – too little salt – your body is absorbing the salt which will lead to dehydration
  • Feeling of dehydration – don’t worry about it
  • Don’t go to the bathroom – just keep drinking water and doing the exercises – visualize and concentrate the mind to push the water out
  • Vomit – drink more water
  • A little oil around anus helps
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