Nidra Yoga (Week 4 Day 4)

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Yoga

  • The yoga of mystic conscious sleep
    • Can lead you all the way to samadhi
  • Nidra – sleep of Vishnu while Brama is creating the universe
  • Out of body experience -> astral projection -> lucid dreaming
  • Tibet – Ösel (the Yoga of the Clear Light)
  • Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. (Stephen LaBerge)
  • 4 stages of sleep
    • REM – when dreams occur
    • Everyone dreams every night – just not everyone remembers
  • Yogic perspective
    • Jagrat 1. waking life.
    • Swapna, 2. dreaming.
    • Sushupti, 3. deep sleep.
    • Most deep sleep occur early in your sleep while dreams occur more often in the morning.
    • 4th stage – Turiya – mind is in a total void – rest of the soul
      • 10pm-midnight: special cosmic energy -> great time to be dipping into Turiya
      • Go to sleep around 9pm or 10pm
    • The goal is to reach Turiya while conscious.
      • But have to go through all prior stages with conscious
      • Once you are conscious in the dream states, the Universe will guide you (things will get easier)
    • During sleep, the astral bodies separates.
      • In the astral state – colors are brighter and more real
  • How?
    • Activate higher chakras – ajna and sahasrara
    • Practice yoga before you go to bed – sublimation asanas or meditation
    • Two ways:
      • Enter dream state consciously
      • Regain consciousness in Swapna
    • Dream journal – write down your dreams immediately when you wake up – rollover and write – give it a title – you will remember more and more through this practice
    • Techniques:
      • Ask yourself the question often and randomly throughout the day – “Am I dreaming?”
        • Impregnating your waking conscious with this thought.
      • Ask your partner to shine a laser beam at your eye while sleeping ->so you see it in your dreams
      • Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD) – how to perform it
      • Savasana
  • What to do once you are lucid?
    • In the astral realm, time, gravity, rules, and many other things do not apply.
    • Look at your hand to know that you are in control.
    • Fly – try to fly straight up and see what you find (until gold color)
    • Ask for guidance from angels or as such.
    • The astral plane is infinite – the goal is to go deeper and deeper.
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