Yin and Yang of Diet (Week 5 Day 2)

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Yoga
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  • Nothing happens without a cause: everything occurs because of a certain reason and under necessity.
  • Spirituality – finding essence of reality beyond duality.
  • Hatha yogi’s approach is generally to go with what works.
  • Yin and Yang are the fundamental principles of the Universe.
    • All natural phenomena are the expression of the interaction between Yin and Yang.
    • Observance of the laws leads to harmony and happiness.
  • Yang
    • Destruction and liberation – protector of external dangers and therefore has to be strong.
  • Yin
    • Self-preservation and maintenance – preserves the essence and prepares it for further use.
  • Polarity is always relative.
    • Nothing is independently just Yin or Yang.
    • Subtle pattern; tendency
  • Our diet tends to be on the Yin side.
    • E.g. Cancer – uncontrolled expansion of cells
    • Solution: eat a balance diet with a tendency of Yang.
  • Macrobiotic diet
    • George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi
    • 10 day brown rice diet (or any major grain except corn and rye)
      • #7 of the 10 diets.
      • Radical balancing and purity effects on the mind and body; brings out emotional impurities too.
      • Undercooked a little bit (chewy) with normal preparation or dry roasted with sea salt.
      • Could use some Gomasio.
      • Drink minimal amount of water during this period.

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