Yama and Niyama – Isvara Pranidhana (Week 5 Day 3)

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Yoga
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  • Surrender to the Divine
    • Isvara – God     Pranidhana – uninterrupted devotion or self-offering
    • Consecration of actions, feelings, thoughts, and aspirations to God.
      • A yogi learns to consecrate all his actions to the Divine and thus he reflects the divinity within him.
    • The one whose mind and heart is always full of love for God will no longer be disturbed by vanity or the desire for power, and will remove any selfish thought from his mind.

Leap…and the net will appear.

– Zen saying

  • The meaning lies in the intention.
  • No matter what religion you choose, no matter which paths you take, they all lead to Truth.
  • The road of aspiration for Truth could seem lonely, doubts could creep in. Just remember that you are not alone and that the Universe is always supporting you.
    • Trust the voice in your heart.
  • Bless the choice you make and blessed the choice you don’t make.
  • Isvara Pranidhana is the only quality needed to reach samadhi.

Everywhere by Hafiz


Through the streets


Throwing rocks through windows,

Using my own head to ring

Great bells,

Pulling out my hair,

Tearing off my clothes,

Tying everything I own

To a stick,

And setting it on


What else can Hafiz do tonight

To celebrate the madness,

The joy,

Of seeing God


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