Sue by Jacky

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Poetry

When I first met you,
My mind questioned.
For it did not believe that there could be such a flawless soul.

Your body radiates light through every pore of your soft skin,
Your eyes are an ocean that knows no depth of compassion,
And your smile is as dependable as the brilliance of the sun.

In our brief time together,
Your presence filled me with joy,
Your actions taught me understanding,
Your beauty illuminated every dark corner of my being,
And your love touched my heart.

Before we part ways,
My only wish is that
One day I can love the way you do.

Knowing that you are far too humble to take credit for any of this,
I say to you,
What you have said to me,

You are perfect the way you are.

Thank you for taking my hand and bringing me closer to love.
Thank you for making me feel more comfortable living in love.

  1. Sue Marrufo says:

    To the Sun Chaser,

    I find my way to this poem (or maybe it finds its way to me) whenever I need to remember. That i am much more than this physical experience. Limitless and eternal. Because I am love. Thank you for this gift. From the depths of my being. I love you.

    Always intertwining,

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