A Day at Agama Yoga in Mazunte

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Blog, Yoga

Five weeks of yoga course have come to an end. An end that only marks the beginning of my spiritual path – the path to my inner self. Many beautiful people have helped me to get started on this path. They shared their beauty and love with me. I have no words to express my gratitude, so I intend to describe an exemplary day at Agama Yoga Mexico in Mazunte, where we once experienced the simplicity, the purity, and the pleasures of being.

6am: Wake up

Lying in my ‘bed’, I watch the morning sun break the horizon. The school is located on a cliff by the ocean and this is where some of the students sleep – a few blankets and a mosquito net. Always feeling refreshed, I put away the ‘bed’ and perform the five kriyas. I like to prepare breakfast while performing the final kriya which is washing my mouth with oil. Breakfast consists of cereal, yogurt and fresh tropical fruits. Papayas and mangoes are great here so they normally find their way into the morning mix. Sitting in the hammock, I enjoy my breakfast – in fact, I eat as slow as possible. The sun is rising, delicious food, still quiet all around – I take my time. As part of karma yoga, I water the plants around the school and after that, it is straight to typing up class notes from the previous day.

8am: Morning Class

A new asana is introduced every morning before we get into the hatha yoga practice. During the first week of the course, it was more theory focused – we were taught about the chakras and principles of yoga, so that we could understand what each asana is working on and where to concentrate our mind.

11am: Free Time

Apart from cooking lunch and eating, my free time is pretty much split between two things – reading and playing in nature. The school has an library on site with a great selection of books on the topics we touch upon in the lectures. The learning was natural as I was not only reading but also living by the same principles. A walk down the hill from the school is the closest beach and there are a couple more to choose from, all within 10 minutes walk. Swimming is a given but if you are adventurous, the magical Punta Cometa offers a rush of exhilaration. Trekking up a mountain, you will follow a path on top of giant boulders which leads you well into the ocean – an incredible spot to watch sunset, to feel the gusts of the ocean, or to enjoy a naturally formed jacuzzi and witness the power of the waves.

4pm: Afternoon Class

The afternoon class starts with 12 sets of sun salutation and is followed by hatha yoga practice.

6pm: Dinner

Much like lunch, dinner is simply and nutritious – brown rice and vegetables make up majority of my diet.

7pm: Evening Lecture

The evening lectures are always very interesting. We were taught the history of yoga, the branches of yoga, diet, among other topics. The main focus of the lectures was the yamas and the niyamas, which are the foundation of yoga.

11pm: Sleep

The moon and the stars tuck me in bed; the ocean waves tell me bedtime stories; and the sea breeze gently rock me asleep.

Weekends and Special Events

All the people that hang around the school are talented. As if that is not enough, there are many charismatic people who live in Mazunte and the nearby areas. Adding bright colors to my daily life, I learned West African dance, hula hooping, and Reiki; saw dolphins and sea turtles; received back massages and acupuncture; participated in contact improv, waterdance in the ocean, shamanic rituals, bonfire music, sanka praksalana, Temazcal, potlucks, and making chocolate.

Happiness is a choice, and so is suffering. You can be loving all the time. This is your choice. You may not have a reason to love, but you can love because to love makes you so happy.

  1. Carissa says:

    Jacky, your blog is awesome! Traveling and recording it all, then writing about it while still traveling, is a major feat. Nice work!

  2. Sue Marrufo says:


    Just read through this. Awesome work my friend. I hope your journey takes you deeper every day. Thanks for sharing all your experiences with the world.
    Always remember that you are light and love.

    All my heart,

  3. ty says:

    good job, jacky. Do you think the yoga course would be helpful for someone who has experience already? It sounds great!

    • jackyyouli says:

      Yes. Agama teaches a very traditional style of Hatha yoga that focus on the mind rather than the asanas. Beyond the course itself, it opens many doors to further learning in a wide variety of metaphysics. You will be living among yogis like yourselves, in a loving environment that can only deepen your practice. Experience it and find out for yourself 🙂

  4. Brigitte Pour Rafsendjani says:

    Jacky, your blog bring my thoughts back to Agama and Ananda Thailand,
    I wish to join Agama Yoga in Mexico – could be in 2011 – but for the moment
    I do it by my own,

    thank you for this colourfull writings.

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