Journeys Out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Book Notes
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  • The person feels that he has directly experienced being alive and conscious without his physical body, and therefore knows that he possesses some kind of soul that will survive bodily death.
  • Most people are not aware of the extent to which their mind automatically interprets things. They think they are perceiving things as they are.
    • The mind tries to interpret experiences, to force them into familiar patterns.
  • One thing that psychologists are reasonably sure of about human nature is that it resists change.
    • We like the world to be the way we think it is, even if we think it’s unpleasant. At least we can anticipate what may happen.
  • …that tomorrow or in the years to come, the formal, accepted sciences of our culture will expand their horizons, concepts, postulates, and research to open wide the avenues and doorways intimated herein to the great enrichment of man’s knowledge and understanding of himself and his complete environment.
  • I couldn’t tell where wakefulness stopped and dreaming began.
  • …mankind’s emancipation and upward struggle depends chiefly upon his translation of the unknown into known, through the use of his intellect and the scientific principle.
  • We have a great tendency to forget details of routine action in life.
  • Locale II is a non-material environment with laws of motion and matter only remotely related to the physical world. It is an immensity whose bounds are unknown (to this experimenter), and has depth and dimension incomprehensible to the finite, conscious mind. In this vastness lie all of the aspects we attribute to heaven and hell, which are part of Locale II. It is inhabited, if that is the word, by entities with various degree of intelligence with whom communication is possible.
    • “Mere” thought is the force that supplies any need or desire, and what you think is the matrix of your action, situation, and position in this greater reality.
    • As you think, so you are.
    • You think movement, and it is fact.
    • Communication is instantaneous.
    • Your destination seems to be grounded completely within the framework of your inner most constant motivation, emotions, and desires.
    • Like attracts like.
    • Locale II is the natural environment for the Second Body.
  • The most acceptable is the wave-vibration concept, which presumes the existence of an infinity of worlds all operating at different frequencies, one of which is this physical world.
    • Just as various wave frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum can simultaneously occupy space, with a minimum interaction, so might the world or worlds of Locale II be interspersed in our physical matter world.
    • If we consider this premise, the “where” is answered neatly. “Where” is “here”.
    • The history of man’s sciences supports this premise. We had no idea that sounds existed beyond the range of human hearing until we developed instruments to detect, measure, and create them.
  • The greatest difficulty is the inability of the conscious mind, trained and conditioned in a physical world, to accept the existence of this infinite Locale II. Our young Western mental science tend to deny its existence. Our religions affirm it in a broad, distorted abstraction.
  • Thought-action synchronicity – Whereas in the physical state action follows thought, here they are one and the same. There is no mechanical translation of thought into action.
    • One gradually appreciates the existence of thought as a force in itself rather than as a trigger or catalyst.
  • The accepted method is to keep one foot in the light and on solid rock as you step cautiously onto dark, shifting grounds.
  • Partially because of our intensely materialistic society, we have become accustomed and conditioned to the concept that the human entity ultimately lies within the bounds of the physical body…the periphery of the living human entity extends beyond the physical body and the conscious mind. The composition of this area is neither material nor motor, but of thought and emotion. The transmission and reception of affecting data is continuous, operating at both the conscious and non-conscious levels during every living moment, awake or asleep.
  • All that is needed is the ability and the intent.
  • Today, a double barrier exists: the suspicion of organized religion and the derision of recognized science.
  • Dream may be some computer-type action of the unconscious in sorting out recently perceived data; or they are vividly recalled experiences now called dreams which may actually be impressions received by the Second Body while traveling in the released state.
  • I believe it is impossible for human consciousness to comprehend fully the reality of Locale II…Consciousness as we have developed it to date is not prepared for this kind of comprehension…By training in now obscure or yet-to-be formulated techniques, consciousness might well be deepened or expanded to recognize and accept this reality.

One test is infallible. Whatever view of reality deepens our sense of the tremendous issue of life in the world wherein we move is for us nearer the truth than any view which diminishes that sense.

William Ralph Inge


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