Posted: November 3, 2010 in Quotes
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Humanity is on a journey, and at certain periods of spacetime, the heart is the better tool. That is the case now. The higher mind will be the better tool later in the journey, but for now, the heart is what serves humanity best. There is no judgment that the heart is superior to the mind, or vice versa. The truth is that they are “wired” in the same network of light, and one cannot invoke the heart wisdom without touching the higher mind. Energetically, they are linked, but the heart, to use another analogy, is the better steering wheel for now because it is such a powerful expressionary force that it induces the vibration of equality into this world. It is like an inductive force that attracts the vibration of equality to the planetary sphere. Once this vibration is ubiquitous and anchored on the planet, humanity can then employ its next tool on the journey, the higher mind.

– James Wingmaker


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