The Death of the Soul and Heart Wisdom as a Tool by Peter Taylor

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Quotes

The birth of science pre-dates the industrial revolution. Everyone looks at the industrial revolution as a revolution of technology…but actually, it was a huge social dislocation of moving people from community and the land and connection…into cities, and into jobs, into industry…which, almost in any definition, would be soul destroying…that they lose so much in that transition…and are given, then, money in exchange. They become wage slaves….and, indeed, for a couple of hundred years or more after the birth of the Royal Society, you’re essentially building an empire built fundamentally on slavery.

And so, when one reflects that, in order to make all of that work, you have to disenfranchise the ordinary human being of much more than just their land. You have to take away their personal authority, their personal creativity, their allegiance to soul…and that is done with what I now see as a magician’s trick: you take them away from their inner world, and this inner journey which is strengthening.

If you have subtle thought patterns that leave you feeling insecure (e.g. “How am I going to pay the mortgage?”, “Is my job secure?”, “How am I going to feed my children?”, “Where do I belong?”). Not only does  the vast majority of the population live in that way, but the whole system is promulgated in order to make people feel insecure. So you have the most bizarre phenomena of the most powerful nation on the planet, armed to the teeth, feeling incredibly insecure and it’s population having a natural insecurity…


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