Mango Macadamia Raw Cheesecake

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Recipes

Sean T says: “Remember that with raw food recipes it’s like Alchemy, all numbers are approximate, to be played with, and to be taken with a grain of salt.”

He made this one up, so you can improvise too. If you don’t have macadamia nuts you can use walnuts or almonds, a mixture of pumpkin and sunflower and sesame seeds, or whatever nuts/seed combo you want. If you don’t have honey you can use sugar, maple syrup, agave, or another sweetener you like.

You can do strawberry, banana, pineapple, apple, pear, peach, papaya instead of mango or a combo of different fruits. Have fun with raw food desserts! If it’s too thin add more nuts or seeds, if it’s too thick add more fruit juice, honey, orange juice, or another sweet liquid of your choice.

Remember to always soak nuts for about 8-10hours (overnight) to activate the enzyme inhibitors, make it easier to digest them, make them more delicious and make them bigger in volume and creamier when ground up.

  • Almonds soaked overnight then dried
  • Coconut shredded and dried
  • Raisins/dates/apricots/honey (choose one or combine)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Cinnamon to taste

Grind the almonds and in a blender mix all ingredients together until a paste forms. Place all ingredients in a pan and push down with your fingers to form the bottom of the pan.

Cheesecake part
  • Ripe mangoes, bananas
  • Lime juice and orange juice
  • Soaked macadamia nuts
  • Honey/syrup/agave
  • Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger (optional)

In a blender combine all ingredients until smooth (leave chunky if you want).

Pour on top of the crust and freeze. Decorate with bananas, strawberries, mint leaves, shaved/grated chocolate. And keep in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. Cut with a hot knife.


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