Be Present in Peace by Jason Tarsney

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Poetry

There can be no peace, while we are ruled by fear
There can be no peace, when we lead with an iron fist
There can be no peace, when we place ego and materialism over basic human needs
It is time to rise up and take control of our own destiny
It is time to demand truth and hold accountable our nations leaders
It is time to move beyond boarders, beyond artificial lines in the sand
Move beyond the need to be better than those around you
The time has come to stand up for life
Stand up for the world around us
And stand up for our future generations
Let not one second go by where you carry hatred in your heart
Let not one person walk past you with judgement in your eye
Let not one life suffer while you live in excess
We are here as one
Let mutual respect and compassion rule our thoughts
Let differences be embraced and celebrated
Let us live in a new present where we can be true to ourselves
And we can embrace the spirit within each of us
Each life in precious
Each life is deserving of all that is offered
Let each of us not restrict the life of another
For together, the impossible becomes possible
And all life is able to grow and flourish


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