Sees Behind Trees by Michael Dorris

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Book Notes
  • It’s a mistake to let any one thing about yourself become that important. It can be dangerous. It can make you forget your weakness. It can make you believe what other people say about you or need from you more than what you know to be the truth. You start to make promises you can’t keep.
  • Where does a runner run when he has arrived at the only finish line he doesn’t want to cross?
  • Thank you for the gift of your story.
  • If you don’t admit your confusion you’ll never learn anything that you don’t already know.
  • When rain falls into a river, how does it know which way to flow? When a mouse leaves its hole, how does it ever get back? When a bird flied away for the winter, how does it locate its nest when it returns in the spring?…Because they know not to think!
    • Your body will remember where it has been if you let it. It recalls what’s familiar – but not as your mind does. With you mind you stand outside the world and look in. With your body you are inside already.
  • When all is in movement, you eventually notice the thing that is still.
  • But the most clever trap of all is the one that does not kill, that only holds the prey until the hunter comes to claim the prize.
  • It would not be polite to repeatedly ask something a person is not ready to tell. It would embarrass both people involved.

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