Neti Kriya

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Book Notes, Yoga
  • One teaspoon of salt for two neti pots (1% salt solution)
  • Keep the mouth open to allow the natural breathing to take place as you pass water from one nostril to the other.
  • For general health, once a week is enough. For nasal allergy, it can be done every day or even twice as per need.
  • Good for nasal allergy.
  • Good for sinusitis and related headaches.
  • Sharpens mental faculties like memory, IQ, etc.
  • Helps to improve eyesight.
  • Opens the nasal passage by removing the blocks and allows free flow of the air; corrects the breathing patterns.
The Four Branches of Yoga
  • Jnana Yoga – the path of wisdom
  • Karma Yoga – the path of action
  • Bhakti Yoga – the path of devotion
  • Raja Yoga – the path of psychic control
  • Kriyas is part of Hatha yoga – a path of will power.
  • Kriya means cleansing process.
  • Hatha Yoga prescribes the following six kriyas to keep ourselves healthy:
    • Trataka – clean the eyes
    • Neti – clean the nasal passage
    • Kapalabhati – clean the lungs and to stimulate the brain cells
    • Dhauti – clean the stomach
    • Nauli – clean the intestines through abdominal muscles
    • Bastic – clean the bowls (Sanka Praksalana is used as an easy alternative to Basti)
What is nasal allergy and how does neti help?
  • Allergy is “altered reaction.”
  • Sneezing is a protective reflex.
  • When the system becomes over-sensitive, it recognizes even harmless substances as harmful and goes on effecting sneezing reflex.
  • Jala Neti desensitizes the system through water. Training the nose to tolerate lukewarm saline water then other allergens as well.
  • The sensitivity of nasal passage is the result of a sensitive mind.
    • Body and mind are connected.
    • In fact, body is nothing but the mind in a gross form.
    • Whatsoever happens in the mind, comes to the body through the Prana.
    • Oversensitivity of body is, therefore, oversensitivity of mind.
    • Mind has lost the stamina, the capacity to tolerate. Very small things irritate us. We have lost patience. We cannot adjust with others.
Yoga teaches us to accept life
  • When we are deeply relaxed, we, not only, develop the capacity to tolerate the situation, but also learn to accept it.
  • Tolerance is yet a negative feeling. We don’t like a person or a situation, but we don’t show it or grumble about it outside. Inside, we are not easy about it.
  • Acceptance is a positive quality which is the result of deep thinking, patience and relaxation. When we accept a person, we have an understanding that no one is perfect and we accept him or her as he or she is.
  • Various practice of Yoga bring this understanding through deep relaxation.

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