The Value of One Bowl of Rice

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Chinese, Short Stories

An apprentice asks his master, what’s the worth of one bowl of rice?

The master answers that it depends on who gets the bowl of rice.

If a housewife gets it, she will add some water and cook it. About half an hour later, a bowl of cooked rice will be ready and worth one Yuan.

If a vendor gets it, he will soak it and make it into four or five traditional Chinese rice-puddings. Then the bowl of rice is worth four to five Yuan.

If a clever merchant gets it, he will heat and ferment it until he obtains a bottle of good alcohol. The bowl of rice is worth ten to twenty Yuan at that time.

In whichever case, the rice is the same, but the value of the rice depends on the understanding and capabilities of a specific operator.


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