Persistence of Habitual Desire

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Short Stories

Once there was a group of young women returning to their village from a fishing trip along the Ganges River. They carried baskets filled with fish on their backs. On their way home, the evening sky clouded over and the women were forced to seek shelter. Fortunately, a keeper of a flower shop saw them and invited them to stay in his place for the night. His shop was filled with fresh flowers. The women lay down to rest. Though they all were tired from their long day of walking and working along the river back, not one of them could fall asleep. They were so unaccustomed to the fragrance of the flowers that they could not relax. At last one of them got up and went outside for her basket of fish. She brought it in and placed it in the middle of the room. With the odor of flowers covered by that of dead fish, the women soon fell asleep.

Excessive desire is like the odor of dead fish. We get so used to it that when the pure fragrance of fresh flower is offered us, we cannot relax. How tragic to remain bound by a habit generated by an illusion!


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