An Old Dream is Dead by Krishnamurti

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Book Notes

However, by the time they reached Colombo (India) he (K) had transformed his grief into what was almost a blessing and had written a piece about Nitya (Nitya, Krishnamurti’s brother died November 1925 in California while K was enroute to India.) which was published in his editorial notes for the Herald of January 1926.

The pleasant dreams my brother and I had of the physical are over…We had great fun in life though we were of different temperaments. We somehow understood each other without effort…It was a happy life and I shall miss him physically all through this life.

An old dream is dead and a new one is being born, as a flower that pushes through the solid earth…A new strength born of suffering is pulsating in the veins and a new sympathy and understanding is being born out of the past suffering. A greater desire to see others suffer less and, if they must suffer, to see that they bear it nobly and come out of it without too many scars. I have wept but I do not want others to weep but if they do I now know what it means…On the physical plane we could be separated and now we are inseparable… As Krishnamurti I now have greater zeal, greater faith, greater sympathy and greater love for there is also in me the body, the Being, of Nityananda… I know now, with greater certainty than ever before, that there is real beauty in life, real happiness that cannot be shattered by any physical happening, a great strength which cannot be weakened by any passing event, and a great love which is permanent, imperishable and unconquerable.


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