Chinese Tea by Liu Tong

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Book Notes
  • [The Chinese character of tea “茶”] suggests the harmony between human being and nature.
  • Tea helped people to  be undisturbed by worldly worries and uplifted from vulgarities, so it was conducive to virtue cultivation… While drinking tea, one should avoid vulgar talk, and should study metaphysics and seek truth, purify thoughts and elevate mind.
  • Picking decides the grades of the leaves, while frying decides their color, shape, and taste.
  • Zen comes from Sanskrit, meaning heart cultivation and thought purification.
  • Three Virtues
    • First, tea keeps people awake while sitting Zen at night.
    • Second, it helps people digest while full.
    • Last, it gives people a serene heart without desires.
  1. GHL says:

    Very poetic! This should be on a box or tin of tea!

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