The Celestine Vision by James Redfield

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Book Notes
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  • In most cases, to experience higher spiritual existence, we must be at least open to the possibility that such perception exists.
    • …there is a profound difference between knowing about and debating spiritual perception and actually experiencing these perceptions ourselves.
  • The anxiety of early abuse creates a severe need in children to take control of life.
  • The secret of life is learning to make a fool of yourself gracefully.
  • …at a certain point our focus on the economic aspects of life became an obsession used to push away the anxiety of uncertainty.
  • Though our ability to affect the world in both cases, nondirective intention (that is, holding the idea that the very best should happen without injecting our opinion) works better than directive intention (holding the idea that a specific outcome should occur).
  • When we think positively, uplifting ourselves and others in the process, incredible events begin to unfold.
  • Where attention goes, energy flows.
  • Every person is an energy field consisting of a set of assumptions and beliefs that radiate outward and influence the world.
  • Four control dramas:
    1. Interrogation which manifests as judging. Usually the Interrogator comes from a family in which his parental figures were absent or not attentive to his needs.
    2. Aloofness which manifests as being withdrawn and enticing people to draw us out
    3. Pitifulness (a.k.a. “poor me”) which manifests as guilt-inflicting self-pity and even helplessness
    4. Intimidation which manifests as being threatening
  • Yet we must remember that it is because we are short of energy, cut off from the source that the dramas operate.
  • Corruptions of capitalism occur when people are vulnerable to excessive advertising that seeks to create needs based on insecurity.

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