Eternal Youth: Rays of Light from The Mother compiled by Arka

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Book Notes
  • To know how to reborn into a new life at every moment is the secret of eternal youth.
  • There is an old age much more dangerous and much more real than the amassing of years: the incapacity to grow and progress.
  • Above all, one must be convinced of a limitless possibility of progress.
  • … Avoid wasting your energies in useless agitation. Whatever you do, do it in a quiet and composed poise. In peace and silence is the greatest strength.
  • Consecrate your life to the realization of something higher and broader than yourself and you will never feel the weight of the passing years.
  • The moment one is satisfied and no longer aspires, one begins to die. Life is movement, it is effort, it is a march forward, the scaling of a mountain, the climb towards new revelations, towards future realizations.
  • Each new dawn brings the possibility of a new progress. We move forward without haste, for we are sure of the future.
  •  Expect nothing from death. Life is your salvation.
    • It is in life that you must transform yourself. It is upon earth that you progress and it is upon earth that you realize. It is in the body that you win the Victory.

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