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  • Ayurveda is not only the science of medicine. Ayurveda is art of living, how to live. Ayurveda is art of Being.
  • As per Ayurvedic principles everything in the universe is medicinal.
  • ForAyurveda, everything in and around us are one and single  existence.
    • The microcosm – the body within which we are living or all the living beings and the macrocosm around us – are all part of one unit.
    • The role of the physician is merely that of a conveyer belt between these two, so that the body can easily assimilate.
  • The basic principle of Ayurveda is Tridosha – three energies that guide health and disease.
  • Ayurveda started from the brain, from neurological qualities.
  • Brahmanand Swamigal, “If science is only followed for money, it is wasted.”
    • Wealth earned from medical science is always contaminated as it comes from the suffering of others. Thus it must be practiced with compassion and humility, without greed and ego.
    • The gurus study the mind of the seekers before accepting them as disciples.
  • 9 gem medicine – take 9 gems, discard all their poisons by special treatment with plants – cures hundreds of diseases.
  • Remember that human being has been around for thousands of years and nature has looked after us. Health for the individual, health for society, health for animal, health for plantations, health for the whole planet is not something different. It will follow when everybody follows one’s own natural rhythm.
  • Vaidya Narayan Murthy:
    • The medicine is all free. Why should I go and do anything for the sake of money? By God’s grace, I’ve got enough land for agriculture and I am not greedy. I can earn a lot of money. But there is an ethical way to practice this knowledge. Desire is the root cause of all evils.
    • The deforestation is a serious problem for me and that is why I am striving to save these plants. We cannot stop those hooligans, but we can do our little bit in our own way. For the  next generation we have to preserve these herbs. That is the only desire, nothing more. I am content!
  • Dr. Scott Gerson on modern society:
    • A society where people are interested in instant gratification and shortcuts.
    • What we are missing in modern society is being in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
    • We have to communicate the importance and the urgency of incorporating the mind to promote healing.
    • Illnesses have to do more with one’s mental outlook on life.
    • We never give medicines without an accompanying mind-body formula.
    • The diseases I encounter are diseases of excess. Look at the diseases we have:
      • Coronary artery diseases – accumulation of cholesterol in our arteries and vessels
      • Obesity – common denominator of many diseases – a disease of accumulation, of excess
      • Arthritis – accumulation of unhealthy material in the joints
    • It is all about over-consumption – not only of food but of impressions, of sensations.
    • There is too much stimulation. There is too much being offered.
    • In a sense we are a world, a society of over nourishment.
  • Dr. Nicolos Kostopoulos: If you have a bicycle, you want a car. If you have a car, you want a jet. If you have a jet, you want to be younger!
    • There is no end to stress factors.
  • Pragnya Aparadha  – Ayurveda says that  first factor that can create a disease are related with human intelligence – the mistakes of human intelligence – such as stress
    • 43% of human population suffers from stress.
    • Stress is linked with the  six leading causes of death in humanity.
    • Doctors are the second group in the west with high suicide and alcoholism rate! -> Clearly orthodox medicine does not hold the keys for the treatment of these diseases.
  • Even the Goddess of Learning continuous to learn. We must have a honest quest for knowledge.
  • The person who knows his true self and nature is the greatest person of all!

Vamana Dhauti (Week 3 Day 1)

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Yoga
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Vamana – middle     The purification of the middle

At least 10 hours after eating.

At least 1 to 1.5 L of water. Could add a spoon of sea salt.

If the water does not come up within 2 minutes, simply abort and water will eventually come out other ways.


  • The science of life, the science of the common sense
  • Holistic
  • Sister of yoga
  • If the body is clean, balanced, disease cannot come or take root.


  • 3 general energies, forces that create the physical substances (symptoms)
  • Vata (autumn)
    • Dry
    • Rough
    • Cold
    • Light
    • Irregular
    • Mobile
    • Rarefied
    • Anxiety
  • Pitta (summer)
    • Hot
    • Oily
    • Light
    • Intense
    • Fluid
    • Liquid
    • Malodorous
    • Anger
  • Kapha (winter)
    • Heavy
    • Oily
    • Cold
    • Stable
    • Viscous
    • Dense
    • Smooth