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Medicine East and West
  • The Western physician starts with a symptom, then searches for the underlying mechanism – a precise cause for a specific disease.
    • The physician’s logic is analytic – cutting through the accumulation of bodily phenomena like a surgeon’s scalpel to isolate one single entity or cause.
  • The Chinese physician directs his or her attention to the complete physiological and psychological individual. All relevant information, including the symptom as well as the patient’s other general characteristics, is gathered and woven together until it forms what Chinese medicine calls a “pattern of disharmony.”
    • One does not ask, “What X is causing Y?” but rather, “What is the relationship between X and Y?”
  • The pattern of disharmony are different from diseases because they cannot be isolated from the patient in whom they occur.
    • To Western medicine, understanding an illness means uncovering a distinct entity that is separate from the patient’s being; to Chinese medicine, understanding means perceiving the relationships among all the patient’s signs and symptoms in the context of his or her life.
  • The Chinese method is based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in its relation to the whole.
    • A symptom, therefore, is not traced back to a cause, but is looked at as a part of a totality.
    • Illness is situated in the context of a person’s life and biography.

Conceptions are not subsumed under one another but placed side by side in a pattern, and things influence one another not by acts of mechanical causation, but by a kind of “inductance.” … The key word in Chinese thought is Order and above all Pattern … Things behave in particular ways not necessarily because of prior actions or impulsions of other things, but because their position in the ever-moving cyclical universe was such that they were endowed with intrinsic natures which made that behavior inevitable for them … They were thus parts in existential dependence upon the whole world-organism. – Joseph Needham

  • The Chinese assume that the universe is continuously changing.
    • Its movement is the result not of a first cause or creator, but of an inner dynamic of cyclical patterns.
    • Just as the sun maps out four distinct seasons in its yearly round, so all biological organisms go through four seasons in a lifetime: birth, maturation, decline, and death.
  • Within this web of relationships and change, any entity can be defined only by its function, and has significance only as part of the whole pattern.
  • The emphasis on the perception of patterns results in part from Taoism, which altogether lacks the idea of a creator, and whose concern is insight into the web of phenomena, not the weaver.
    • For the Chinese, that web has no weaver, no creator; in the West the final concern is always the creator or cause and the phenomenon is merely its reflection.
    • The Western mind seeks to discover and encounter what is beyond, behind, or the cause of phenomena.
    • In the Chinese view, the truth of things is imminent; in the Western, truth is transcendent.
  • Knowledge, within the Chinese framework, consists in the accurate perception of the inner movement of the web of phenomena.
    • The desire for knowledge is the desire to understand the interrelationships or patterns within that web, and to become attuned to the unfolding dynamics.

In China, the purpose of painting is to rediscover the elemental and continuous course of the cosmic pulsation through the figurative representation of landscape…The tension created by the correlation between the lines and the washes, the visible and the invisible, fullness and emptiness, endows the landscape with a power to suggest more than the merely visible and open it to the life of the spirit. – Francois Jullien

Yin(阴) and Yang (阳)
  • Yin and Yang are convenient labels used to describe how things function in relation to each other and to the universe.
  • No entity can ever be isolated from its relationship to other entities, no thing can exist in and of itself.
    • Ying and Yang must, necessarily, contain within themselves the possibility of opposition and change.
  • Yin: Shady side of a slope
    • Cold, rest, responsiveness, passivity, darkness, interiority, downwardness, inwardness, decrease, satiation, tranquility, and quiescence.
    • It is the end, completion, and realized fruition.
  • Yang: Sunny side of a slope
    • Heat, stimulation, movement, activity, excitement, vigor, light (brightness), exteriority, upwardness, outwardness, and increase.
    • It is arousal, beginning, and dynamic potential.

All things have two facets: a Yin aspect and a Yang aspect.

  • Yin and Yang qualities exist in relation to each other.

Heaven is high, the earth is low, and thus [heaven and Earth] are fixed. As the high and low are thus made clear, the honorable and humble have their place accordingly. As activity and tranquility have their constancy, the strong and the weak are thus differentiated…Cold and hot season take their turn…[Heaven] knows the great beginning, and [Earth] acts to bring things to completion…{Heaven] is Yang and [Earth] is Yin. – Zou Yen

Any Yin or Yang aspect can be further divided into Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang mutually create each other.

  • Although Yin and Yang can be distinguished, they cannot be separated.
    • They depend on each other for definition.

Being and non-being produce each other;
Difficult and easy complete each other;
Long and short contrast each other;
High and low distinguish each other;
Sound and voice harmonize each other;
Front and back follow each other. – Dao De Jing

Yin and Yang control each other.

Yin and Yang transform into each other.

  • Harmony means that the proportions of Yin and Yang are relatively balanced; disharmony means that the proportions are unequal and there is imbalance.
    • A deficiency of one aspect implies an excess of the other.
    • Extreme disharmony means that the deficiency of one aspect cannot continue to support the excess of another aspect.
      • The resulting change may be rebalancing or, if that is not possible, either the transformation into opposites or the cessation of existence.

People hate to be orphaned, the lonely ones, and the unworthy.
And yet kings and lords call themselves by these names.
Therefore it is often the case that things gain by losing and lose by gaining. – Dao De Jing

  • Yin and Yang create each other, control each other, and transform into each other.
  • Chinese medicine allows and demands a recognition and assessment of quality and context, because it deals with situationally dependent images.
    • There is no standard or absolute – what is health for one person may be sickness in another.
    • There is no notion of “normal” Yin-Yang – only the unique challenges and possibilities of each human life.
[To be continued…]
  • We live in a world that exists only in the mind of God. It is only light. Using sacred geometry, the Mother/Father spirit of life has created a universe of light for us to play in and love each other. We are the children of God.
    • It involves around the idea that all consciousness, including human, is solely based on sacred geometry.
  • You have a choice. You can continue to live life from the normal human perspective, where the only reason for being alive is to become comfortable through material things or to gain control over other human beings through force – or realize that the outer world is not something you appropriate, but rather an opportunity to express joy and love in your life. The outer world and our inner world are one.
  • Mer-Ka-Ba – a counterrotating field of light that will interact and translate the spirit and the body from one world into another.
    • Mer – a special kind of light, a counterrotating field of light
    • Ka – spirit
    • Ba – the interpretation of the Reality, human body
  • Love is half of the light that is swirling around you, knowledge is the other half. When love and knowledge become one, the Christ will be present, always.
  • A chakra is an energy point within and sometimes outside the body that has a specific quality. When a person is focused in one particular chakra, their whole world is colored by the energy of that chakra. It is like a lens through which everything in existence is interpreted.
  • First there is the energy flow through the chakras the meridians reach each cell in the body. Then there is the prana field close to the body, generated by the chakra/meridian energy flow. Next there is the auric field that extends out a few feet off the surface, generated by the thoughts and feelings/emotions and surrounded by an egg-shaped energy field.
  • Love is the source of all creation. It is the consciousness that actually forms the created universes, dimensions and worlds that we live within.
    • Love is a particular vibration of consciousness that, when it is between humans, hold people to people in all our relationships.
  • Everything in the universe is a mirror of consciousness.
    • And consciousness is the light that reflects off the matter of the outer world and creates the entire outer world, breath by breath.
  • Healing takes place only when love is present.
    • In medicine only certain things are possible. But with love all things are possible.
    • Whatever healing technique(s) a person uses is of little importance. The technique simply gives the healer a structure for the mind of that person to focus on, but the real healing comes form the love that healer is giving to the person being healed – the healer’s love for that person heals, not their knowledge.
    • The mind has the knowledge to manipulate matter, but love has the power to not only manipulate matter, but to effortless create matter from nothing.
    • True love has no limits.
  • What we believe to be true is always our limitation.
    • It is the belief patterns we hold that limit us.
    • If you do not believe in limitations, you are free.
  • You can’t heal someone just because you want to or they need or deserve it. You have to get permission first.
    • Why get permission? We cannot see very well from this position within the third dimension. We do not know what our actions are really going to do in the bigger picture. We may think that we are doing this person great good by healing him when in fact we are harming him. We all live in a cosmic school of remembering. An illness may be just what that person came to Earth for. Through his illness this person my learn compassion, and by healing him you take away that possibility. Keep your ego out of the way and healing will come naturally.
  • Both the body and disease are just energy.
  • The person’s higher self knows exactly what is wrong down to the most minute detail, so continuing to talk to the person’s higher self after you have permission will give you great knowledge about this illness.
  • Most healing that do not take place no matter what the healer does, are because there is something within the person that is stopping the healing.
  • Mother Earth is connected to all of us in the whole world; our subconscious mind is the subconscious mind of the planet.
  • Our adult lives are deadened, and we are only living a shadow of what is humanly possible.
    • Mother Earth loves children, and if your childlike nature and your innocence are allowed to emerge from the muck of your adulthood, then something real can begin in your spiritual life.
  • Care about people and about animal and other life, because you can feel the connection, not because it will profit you somehow.
  • Once a true connection with your lower self has happened, and only then you may connect with the higher self.
  • Only love, innocence and a great deal of patience will allow you to find your way. You have to forget trying. You even have to forget that you are connecting to Mother Earth. You simply must live life from your heart and not your mind. Your mind will function, but under the control of the heart.
    • As long as we continue to judge the events in our lives, we give power to them as either good or bad, which determines the course of our lives. To end it and then transcend it, we must step outside this polarity.
  • God gave us freewill so that we may experiment.
  • According to Edgar Cayce and other physics, there have been many extremely advanced civilizations here on Earth before, but there is little or no trace of them. This is because their synthetic materials did not make it through the last dimensional shift 13,000 years ago or through other prior shifts. God cleans up the original Reality environment every time there is a dimensional shift.
  • Since we are what we create, then it becomes important and necessary that our emissions are in harmony with all life everywhere.
  • Indigo children

In Love and Awakening, John Welwood uses the analogy of a castle to illustrate the world within us. Imagine being a magnificent castle with long hallways of thousands of rooms. Every room in the castle is perfect and possesses a special gift. Each room represents a different aspect of yourself and is an integral part of the entire perfect castle. As a child, you explored every inch of your castle without shame or judment. Fearlessly you searched every room for its jewels and its mystery. Lovingly you embraced every room whether it was a closet, a bedroom, bathroom, of a cellar. Each and every room was unique. Your castle was full of light, love, and wonder. Then one day, someone came to your castle and told you that one of your rooms was imperfect, that surely it didn’t belong in your castle. They suggested that if you wanted to have a perfect castle you should close and lock the door to this room. Since you wanted love and acceptance, you quickly closed off that room As time went by, more and more people came to your castle. They all gave you their opinions of the rooms, which ones they liked and which ones they didn’t. And slowly you shut one door after another. Your marvelous rooms were being closed off, taken out the light, and put into the dark. A cycle had begun.

From that time on, you closed more and more doors for all kinds of reasons. You closed doors because you were afraid, or you thought the rooms were too bold. You closed doors to rooms that were too conservative. You closed doors because other castles you saw did not have a room like yours. You closed doors because your religious leaders told you to stay away from certain rooms. You closed any door that did not fit into society’ standards of your own ideal.

The days were gone when your castle seemed endless and your future seemed exciting and bright. You no longer cared for every room with the same love and admiration. Rooms you were once proud of, you now willed to disappear. You tried to figure out ways to get rid of these rooms, but they were part of the structure of your castle. Now that you had shut the door to whatever room you didn’t like, time went by until one day you just forgot that room altogether. At first, you didn’t realize what you were doing. It just became a habit. With everyone giving you different messages about what a magnificent castle should look like, it became much easier to listen to them than to trust your inner voice: the one that loved your entire castle. Shutting off those rooms actually started to make you feel safe. Soon you found yourself living in just a few small rooms. You had learned how to shut of life and became comfortable doing it. Many of us also locked away so many rooms that we forgot we were ever a castle. We began to believe we were just a small, two-bedroom house in need of repairs.

Now imagine your castle as the place where you house all of who you are, the good and bad, and that every aspect that exists on the planet exists within you. One of your rooms is love, one is courage, one is elegance, and another is grace. There are endless numbers of rooms. Creativity, femininity, honesty, integrity, health, assertiveness, sexiness, power, timidity, hatred, greed, frigidity, laziness, arrogance, sickness, and evil are rooms in your castle. Each room is an essential part of the structure and each room has an opposite somewhere in your castle. Fortunately, we are never satisfied being less than what we are capable of being. Our discontent with ourselves motivates us in our search for all the lost rooms of our castle. We can only find the key to our uniqueness by opening all the rooms in our castle.

I’d rather be whole than good. – C.G. Jung

  • To be divine is to be whole and to be whole is to be everything: the positive and the negative, the good and the bad, the holy man and the devil.
    • The reason for doing shadow work is to become whole…To stop hiding ourselves from ourselves.
  • Our shadows hold the essence of who we are.
    • The dark side is the gatekeeper to true freedom.
    • The shadow is the person you would rather not be.
    • Everything we hate, resist, or disown about ourselves takes on a life of its own, undermining our feelings of worthiness.
    • By choosing not to allow parts of ourselves to exist, we are forced to expend huge amounts of psychic energy to keep them beneath the surface.
    • Shadow refers to that portion of us that is constantly shifting and changing in the light of our ego consciousnesses, those aspects of self that we fail to bring fully to responsible awareness.
  • Dark doesn’t mean only negative, it refers to something that is out of the light of our conscious awareness.

It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized. – I Ching, Hexagram 5, Hsu, Waiting (Nourishment)

  • Shadow work refers to an ongoing process of depolarizing and balancing, of healing the split between our conscious sense of self and all else we are or might be.
    • The process is not about getting rid of things we dislike in ourselves, but about finding the positive side of these aspects and integrating it into our lives.
    • You must explore your internal universe and take back all that you’ve disowned.
  • Knowing often prevents us from experiencing through our hearts.
    • Shadow work is not intellectual; it’s a journey from the head to the heart.
  • As individuals and as members of a specific culture, we are continually selecting and editing experience, creating an ego-based ideal of self and world.
    • What doesn’t fit our developing ego-ideal – our idealized sense of self, individualistically reinforced by family and culture – becomes shadow.

To gain an understanding of religious matters, probably all that is left us today is the psychological approach. That is why I take these thought-forms that have become historically fixed, try to melt them down again, and pour them into molds of immediate experience. – C.G. Jung

  • Visibility is the key to authenticity, and that authenticity is the doorway to your True Self.

It is the shadow that holds the clues. The shadow also holds the secret of change, change that can affect you on a cellular level, change that can affect your every DNA. – Lazaris

  • When every human being was born…we dwell in the fullness of our being, living in the moment, and expressing ourselves freely.

Perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to color. Many think that white is the absence of color. It is not. It is the inclusion of all color. White is every other color that exists combined. So, too, is love not the absence of emotion (hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, covertness), but the summation of all feeling? It is the sum total. The aggregate amount. The everything. – Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God

A hologram is a three-dimensional image derived from two-dimensional film. The unique feature of the hologram is that the entire three-dimensional picture can be created out of any piece of the film. The whole is contain in every bit; that is why it is called a hologram. In a similar way, every aspect of the universe is contained within each of us. The forces that comprise matter throughout the cosmos are found in each atom of the body. Every strand of my DNA carries the entire evolutionary history of life. My mind contains the potential of every thought that ever was or will be expressed. Understanding this reality is the key to the door of life – the entrance way to unbound freedom. Experiencing this reality is the basis of real wisdom. – Dr. David Simon

  • Each of us is microcosm that reflects and contains the macrocosm.

We each hold the potential for having direct and immediate experiential access to virtually every aspect of the universe, extending our capacities well beyond the reach of our senses. – Stanislav Grof

By God, when you see your beauty, you’ll be the idol of yourself. – Rumi

  • When we suppress any feeling or impulse, we are also suppressing its polar opposite.
    • If we deny our ugliness, we lessen our beauty.
    • If we deny our fear, we minimize our courage.
    • If we deny our greed, we also reduce our generosity.
  • What you can’t be with won’t let you be. You’ve got to learn how to give all of who you are permission to exist. If you want to be free you must be able “to be.” This means we must stop judging ourselves. We must forgive ourselves for being human. We must forgive ourselves for being imperfect. Because when we judge ourselves we automatically judge others. The world is a mirror of our internal selves. When we can accept ourselves, and forgive ourselves, we automatically accept and forgive others.
  • If you embrace the totality of the universe within yourself, your embrace the totality of the human race.
  • What you don’t own, owns you.
    • What you resist, persists.
    • What we fear, appears.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. – C.G. Jung

Within every human being there are god and goddesses in embryo with only one desire. They want to be born. – Deepak Chopra

  • If we did not possess a certain quality we could not recognize it in another.
    • We each have the ability to act out any quality we see.
    • What I discovered was my potential to act like the people I had been most harshly judging.
    • I realized that I only judge people when they displayed a quality I could not accept in myself.
    • When we are blaming others we are only denying an aspect of ourselves.
    • Hating this aspect of himself, he hated everyone else with the same flaw.

Within every drop is the ocean and within every cell is the intelligence of the whole body. – Vasant Lad

  • Most of us are living with a narrow vision of what it is to be human. When we allow our humanity to embrace our universality, we can easily become whatever it is we desire.

We choose to forget who we are and then forget we’ve forgotten. – Gunther Bernard

  • This is a spiritual law – that the universe always guides us back to embracing the totality of ourselves.
    • We attract whomever and whatever we need to mirror back the aspects of ourselves that we’ve forgotten.
    • If there is an aspect of ourselves that we don’t accept, we’ll continually attract people in our lives who act out that aspect. The universe will keep trying to show us who we really are and to help make us whole again.
    • People come into our lives to help us restore our wholeness.
  • Projection is an involuntary transfer of our own unconscious behavior onto others, so it appears to us that these qualities actually exist in the other people.
    • Whatever we don’t own about ourselves we project onto other people.
    • We project our own perceived shortcomings onto others. We say to others what we should be saying to ourselves. When we judge other people, we are judging ourselves.

Projection on the Ego Level is very easily identified: if a person or thing in the environment inform us, we probably aren’t projecting; on the other hand, if it affects us, chances are that we are a victim of our own projections. – Ken Wilber, Meeting the Shadow

  • Freedom is being able to choose whoever and whatever you want to be at any given moment in your life.
  • When we admire someone, it is an opportunity to find yet another aspect of ourselves.
    • We have to take back our positive projections as well as our negative projections.
    • If you admire greatness in another human being, it is your own greatness you are seeing.
  • Why actors and famous athletes make so much money?
    • We are paying them to be our heroes – to act out our unfulfilled dreams and desires.

Within every desire is the mechanics of its fulfillment. – Deepak Chopra

If we can conceive it, and we can believe it, then we can achieve it. – Goethe

The ego is our false and ignorantly assumed identity. So ego, then, is the absence of true knowledge of who we really are, together with its result: a doomed clutching on, at all costs, to a cobbled together and makeshift image of ourselves, an inevitable chameleon charlatan self that keeps changing and has to, to keep alive the fiction of its existence. – Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

One can face in others what one can face in oneself. – James Baldwin

  • Transformation is a shift in perception, a change in the lenses we look through.
    • Our perception are always colored by how we see ourselves.
  • Allow yourself to feel and express everything that is within you.
  • When you are internally driven by not wanting to be something, you often become the opposite. This robs you of your right to choose what you really want to do with your life.
    • When you don’t own an aspect of yourself it runs your life.
  • To be truly authentic persons, we have to allow the aspects of ourselves that we love and accept to coexist with all the aspects of ourselves that we judge and make wrong.

We are dominated by everything from which our self becomes identified. We can dominate and control everything from which we disitentify ourselves. – Roberto Assagioli

  • When we lose touch with ourselves we lose touch with our divinity, and because we don’t trust ourselves we come to believe that other people can’t be trusted.

The world is a teacher to the wise man and an enemy to the fool.

  • Our pain can be our greatest teacher. It leads us to places we’d never go on our own.
  • Most of us are willing to take responsibility for the good we create in our lives, but we often resist taking responsibility for the bad.

We do not have any say about the events of our lives, but we do have say over how we interpret them. – Nietzsche

  • Inventing a new interpretation is the simplest way to transform something negative into something positive.
    • It is our perceptions and our interpretations that affect our emotions not the incident itself.
  • Since it is unbearable to hate ourselves, we project that hatred onto the world. We’d rather be victims of the world than victims of ourselves, and by blaming the world we can avoid the pain of facing ourselves.
  • We need to learn how to live in the full range of human capacity, and to not feel bad about doing it. Every emotion and impulse is perfectly human. We must fully embrace the dark in order to embrace the light.

The important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become. – Charles Dubois

  • We must recognize our gifts and our talents. We must learn to appreciate and honor all that we do well. We must search out our uniqueness.
    • When you don’t recognize your full potential you don’t allow the universe to give you your divine gifts. Your soul yearns to realize its full potential. Only you can allow this to happen. You can choose to open your heart and embrace all of yourself, or you can choose to live with the illusion of who you are today.
  • Forgiveness comes from the heart, not the ego.
    • Forgiveness is a choice. At any moment in time we can give up our resentments and judgments and choose to forgive ourselves and others.
  • Anger is only a negative emotion when it is suppressed or dealt within in an unhealthy way.
  • Do for yourself what you would like someone to do for you.
    • Become important to yourself.
    • If you want more love, give more love to yourself. If you want acceptance, accept yourself.
  • Would you rather be right about being powerless or be wrong about your ability to be great?
  • I am worthy of having what I desire and I am going to do what it takes to fulfill my desire.
  • We lie to ourselves when what we pray for and what we have committed to are totally different things.
    • We pray for a healthy lifestyle but we are committed to being sedentary.
  • My mission now is to be whole, to be complete, to be perfect and imperfect at the same time. My mission now is to listen to my inner wisdom and to live my life as fully as possible.
  • People are sure that they can’t fulfill their desires (i.e. become an artist or write a book). They have confidence in their reasons, but not in their dreams.
    • We have to unconceal all the beliefs that keeps us from attaining our dreams. I call these underlying commitments because they are agreements we have made with ourselves to not reach our true goals. Whether you decide to go after your dreams or not, it’s important to question what’s driving you, as well as what gets in the way of your heart’s desire.

I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith. What is faith worth if it is not translated into action. – Gandhi

  • The value of keeping your words: Do what you say. If you’re not going to do it, don’t say you are.

The only devils in the world are those running around in our hearts. That is where the battle should be fought. – Gandhi

  • To express our individuality is to reclaim our divinity…Our most important relationship is with ourselves, our whole being, including our shadow.
  • Every judgment we make is noted. Every attitude we hold is a source of positive or negative power for which we are accountable.
  • Emotional and spiritual stresses or dis-eases are the root causes of all physical illness.
  • Mystics’ perceptions about reality and power are different from those of ordinary people.
    • The world “behind their eyes” is infinitely more real to them than the world before their eyes.
    • Christianity: in the world, but not of the world.
    • Buddhism and Hinduism: they are detached from the illusions of the physical world; they can see symbolically, clearly, because they are awake.
  • Detachment is essential to accomplishing an accurate evaluation.

Miracles are natural. Something is wrong when they don’t happen. – A Course in Miracles

  • Take with you only what feels accurate and truthful to your own heart.
  • Everything that is alive pulsates with energy and all of this energy contains information.
    • The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions.
  • If a person is able to sense intuitively that he or she is losing energy because of a stressful situation – and then acts to correct that loss of energy – then the likelihood of that stress developing into a physical crisis is reduced, if not eliminated completely.
  • A person’s energy system transmits only the information that is essential to bring the conscious mind to an awareness of the imbalance or disease.
  • Energy does not and cannot lie.
    • Our biological and spiritual systems always seek to express truth, and they will always find a way to do so.
  • People must face that which they fear.
  • Life is painful at times, and spiritually, we are meant to face the pains that life presents.
The First Principle: Biography becomes biology.
  • In energy terms, depression literally is a release of energy – or life-force, if you will – without consciousness…Without energy you cannot support your health.
  • We all have negative feelings, but not all negativity produces disease. To create disease, negative emotions have to be dominant, and what accelerates the process is knowing the negative thought to be toxic but giving it permission to thrive in your consciousness anyway.
The Second Principle: Personal Power is Necessary for Health.
  • For an alternative therapy to succeed, the patient must have an internal concept of power – an ability to generate internal energy and emotional resources, such as a belief in his or her self-sufficiency.
  • Seeing and admitting the truth about ourselves, about our role in creating our own problems, and about how we relate to others is vital for healing.
The Third Principle: You Alone Can Help Yourself Heal.
  • Energy medicine is a holistic philosophy that teaches, “I am responsible for the creation of my health. I therefore participated, at some level, in the creation of this illness. I can participate in the healing of this illness by healing myself, which means simultaneously healing my emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual being.
  • Healing is an active and internal process that includes investigating one’s attitudes, memories, and beliefs with the desire to release all negative patterns that prevent one’s full emotional and spiritual recovery.
  • Acquisitioners
    • Energy circuits run through a person’s body and attach themselves to a power target (i.e. money, people I need to control, people I can’t forgive, people whose approval I need)
    • It is not the mind but our emotional needs that control our attachment to our power targets.
  • The necessity of change makes healing a terrifying experience for many people.
  • Spiritual instruction teaches us to keep our focus on ourselves – not in an egocentric way but as a way of consciously managing our energy and power.

One’s personal theology should not be complicated. Seek to believe only what heaven has issued as essential (simple and eternal truth).

  • All circumstances can be changed in a moment, and all illness can be healed. The Divine is not limited by human time, space, or physical concerns.
  • Be consistent: live what you believe.
  • Change is constant. Every life goes through phases of difficult change as well as peace. Learn to go with the flow of change rather than try to stop change from occurring.
  • Never look to another person to make you happy – happiness is an internal, personal attitude and responsibility.
  • Life is essentially a learning experience. Every situation, challenge, and relationship contain some message worth learning or teaching to others.
  • Positive energy works more effectively than negative energy in each and every situation.
  • Live in the present moment, and practice forgiveness of others.

The Seven Sacred Truth

  • All is one.
    • We are interconnected with all of life and to one another.
  • Honor one another.
    • Act with integrity and honor within all our relationships.
  • Honor oneself.
    • Develop self-esteem and self-respect.
  • Love is divine power.
    • The symbolic doorway into our internal world.
  • Surrender personal will to Divine will.
    • Awareness and desire to make contact with the Divine plan.
    • Lying is violation of both body and spirit because the human energy system identifies lies as poison.
    • Confession is symbolic of purging all that is not honorable within us.
  • Seek only the truth.
    • To have faith in anything or in anyone that lacks integrity contaminates our spirits and bodies.
  • Live in the present moment.
    • We are essentially spiritual creatures, our spiritual needs are as crucial to our well-being as our physical needs, maybe even more so.

The Christian Sacraments

The Ten Sefirot: The Tree of Life

  • Our spiritual power grows when we are able to see beyond the contradiction inherent in tribal teachings and pursue a deeper level of truth.
  • Change is the nature of life, and external and internal changes is constant.
    • Habit is the hell which people cling in an attempt to stop the flow of change. But creativity defies the repetition of habit.
    • Human being seek stability – the absence of change.
  • Without honor, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to stand up for himself with pride and dignity, because he lacks a frame of reference for his behavior and choices and thus cannot trust himself or others.
  • No union is without spiritual value; each helps us grow as individuals.
  • Choice is the process of creation itself.
    • Make your choice wisely, because each choice you make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible.
    • It is not what we choose that matters; our power to influence an outcome lies in our reasons for making a certain choice.
    • Our faith and our power of choice are , in fact, the power of creation itself. We are the vessels through which energy becomes matter in this life…We are vessels through which Spirit is working to accomplish tasks for the furthering of human development.
  • We are physical beings and energy beings, but since the physical world cannot be controlled, the task before us is to master our inner responses to the external world, our thoughts and emotions.
  • Money, like energy, is a neutral substance that takes its direction from the intention if the individual.
    • But money can weave itself into the human psyche as a substituting for the life-force.
    • The misperception of money as the life-force, coupled with a sudden loss of money, can activate any of several health crisis.
    • Money also has been equated to a sexual force.
  • Faith that transcends money frees a person to follow his or her intuitive guidance without giving over unnecessary authority to financial concerns.
  • While we measure our own success in terms of our personal comfort and security, the universe measures our success by how much we have learned.
  • Faith is the most important factor in healing.
    • Faith is vital for managing the challenges of our everyday existence.
  • Spiritual maturity is measured not by the sophistication of a person’s opinion, but by their genuineness and the courage necessary to express and maintain them.
    • Spiritual maturity is the capacity to stand one’s ground as a reflection of genuine inner belief.
  • The four stages of personal power: Revolution -> Involution -> Narcissism -> Evolution
  • Healing is possible through acts of forgiveness.
  • Confession is much more than the public acknowledgment of a wrongdoing. In energy terms it is the acknowledgment that we have become conscious of – and therefore empowered over – a fear that had previously commanded our spirits.
  • Mental energy powers the external world, while heart energy powers our personal domains.
  • The greatest act of will:
    • Make no judgments.
    • Have no expectations.
    • Give up the need to know why things happen as they do.
    • Trust that the unscheduled events of our lives are a form of spiritual direction.
    • Have the courage to make the choices we need to make, accept what we cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • The goal of becoming a conscious person is not to outwit death, nor even to become immune to disease. The goal is to  be able to handle any and all changes in our lives – and in our bodies – without fear, looking only to absorb the message of truth contained in the change.

Just as we are all born at the perfect moment for our energy to enter this earth, there is a perfect moment for us to leave this earth. – Sogyal Rinpoche

  • What it means to become conscious?
    • To seek truth that is detached from its social or cultural form.
  • How to release negative attitudes and painful memories?
    • Just let go. Let go of how your thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.
  • The journey toward becoming conscious is often more attractive in theory that it is in practice. Pursuing consciousness theoretically through books and conversations allows us to fantasize about getting to the promised land without actually having to make any changes in our lives. Even the thought that a promised land exists can temporarily make a person feel great.
    • Try as we will, we cannot forever “visit” truth and then return to illusion.

The soul is one with God. – Meister Eckhart

  • Reiki heals on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually, and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
    • All you need is the desire to heal and be healed.
  • All the universe has come from love, and to love all things return. For from joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return. – The Taittiriya Upanishad
  • To experience Reiki is to experience the communication of love from the Universe to all beings.
    • The origin of Reiki is the same loving Universe that gives us breath each second.
    • Reiki invites us to open up to this great love, trusting it and allowing it to flow through us.
  • There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens, this is the light that shines in our heart. – The Chandogya Upanishad
  • Reiki shows up the happiness we can feel by living in harmony with the laws of the Universe.
    • Love, if you want to be loved; give willingly and you will receive many times.
  • Reiki’s story has symbolic value – above all, it tells of a quest from the heart.
  • The human mind is great at separating…
  • Live in the world like Water on a lotus leaf. – Yogaswami
  • During all attunement, the Usui Reiki symbols are used to open the chakras and allow the person to become a Reiki channel.
  • The Usui distant healing symbol proves times and again that there is more to space and time than our current concepts of physics allow.
  • A true request to the Universe always gains a response, so have faith.
  • The way is beyond language – For in it there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today. – Third Zen Patriarch
  • The desire to become a Reiki master signifies trust in the Universe, and the underlying wish to shed the constrictions of the ego gently and with as little conflict and as much love and acceptance of oneself and others as possible.
  • We need to stop separating parts of our bodies into sexual and non-sexual…
  • We are not always as comfortable about receiving things as we are about giving them.
    • Many of us hold the belief deep down that we are not worth it and don’t deserve it.
  • Allow your imagination to create your own reality.
  • Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, grass grows. – Osho
  • Two conditions must occur before healing can take place.
    • There must be a shift in consciousness of the recipient – he/she must want to heal and must assist in that process by having an open mind.
    • There must be an appropriate exchange so that both are participating in the experience.
  • Just sharing the intention and vision to heal means that the consciousness of the planet is transformed, because we are creating our own mass consciousness.
    • The common intention shared by so many to raise the vibration of the world literally “lightens” the atmosphere.
  • There is nothing special about what I do each day, I only keep myself in harmony with it. – HsuYun
  • By wanting to heal, we take the first steps towards transformation and wholeness.
    • With the faith that we can assist our own healing, we create a revolution in our minds, changing our pattern of consciousness from one of being a victim to one of growing empowerment.
  • Reiki’s greatest gift to us is empowerment to take responsibility for ourselves and our own healing, and often means being able to recognize issue in our lives which, if not resolved, can make us ill.
    • Physical illness is the visible result of “dis-ease” created by negative belief systems that are causing conflict in our lives.
  • To be. No more. That is all. This is the joy supreme. – Jorge Guillen
  • Sometimes, we confuse curing with healing.
    • Even as we learn more about the human potential to attain greater longevity in the future, sooner or later we all go with the flow from the river to the ocean.
    • True healing creates a safe space in which an awareness of unity with the infinite is rekindled.
    • Healing allows people to leave this life at peace with themselves, open to transformation without fear or struggle, so that even when an illness is not cured, the person can be healed emotionally and spiritually.
    • We are bombarded by images of violent, painful death on television and newspapers. This is negative and disempowering when we feel we cannot do anything about it, it perpetuates fearfulness.
  • All spiritual disciplines regard prayer as nourishment for the soul, just as food nourishes and sustains the physical body.
  • Reiki with color
    • Blue is the color of healing in Reiki.
    • Red, worn or seen, can lift depression and motivate.
  • Reiki with reflexology
    • The feet and the hands are maps of our entire systems.
    • Every part of the foot is represented by an organ in the physical body.
  • Reiki and crystal healing
    • Holding a quartz at the level of the third eye during meditation enhances perception and intuition.
  • Reiki and affirmations
    • We are responsible for ourselves and our own healing.
    • Positivity and the expression of love are as powerful as diet in the treatment of disease.
    • Reiki allows us to feel and recognize ourselves as part of something greater, as expressions of the Divine.
    • We can create our own reality in the very ways we want to.
    • When we begin each morning feeling thankful and happy with life, we are expecting our lives to be good and full, and the Universe responds.
  • Reiki and meditation
    • Far from spacing you out, meditation promotes “less haste, more speed” as efficiency increases with mental awareness.
    • Meditating on your own breath or on a positive visualization causes the heart rate to fall, and the immune system to rise by 50%.
    • Meditation is effective in increasing levels of creativity and imagination.
    • Connect with the core of yourself, seeing it as a golden-white light in your center. Slowly, expand the light inside you until it extends to the tips of your fingers and toes. Be aware of your light overflowing into the room, the building, your town, your world, and your universe, before bringing it home to your being (center) again.

The Spiritual Principles

  • Just for today do not worry.
    • We are brought up to compete and to struggle, and this breeds in us an inherent lack of trust in the world around us.
    • We can see the big picture much more clearly when we place our trust in the Divine Plan.
  • Just for today do no anger.
    • The ability to stand back from our own feeling is empowering.
    • Anger can be a destructive force, but analyzing it can be a catalyst for positive changes.
  • Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
    • Whatever someone’s path, it is theirs and as valid as your own.
    • Acknowledge and respect this and create freedom for yourself and others.
  • Earn you living honestly.
    • No matter how small the job, it is our present moment nonetheless, and if we put our hearts into it and do it with love, we will be giving and getting the most from that moment.
  • Show gratitude to everything.
    • “Thank you” instead of “Please”.
  • 霊気 ()
  • Rei – Spiritual Wisdom – universal – present everywhere
  • Ki – Life Energy – prana, chi – nonphysical energy that animates all living things
  • Reiki – Spiritually guided life energy
    • Reiki guides itself with its own wisdom, rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner.
  • Reiki is not taught like other healing techniques but through an attunement process.
    • During attunement, Rei makes adjustments in the student’s chakras and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki and then links the student to the Reiki source.
    • Powerful spiritual experience.
    • Once attuned, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life.
  • Whenever change takes place, even if it is good, a period of adjustment is necessary so that the body and various parts of your life can get used to the healthy new conditions.
  • Reiki never depletes your energy and always increase the practitioner’s own energy and leaves one surrounded with loving feelings of well-being.
  • Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability.
  • How does Reiki heal?
    • We are alive because life energy or Ki is flowing through us.
    • Ki flows within the physical body through chakras, meridians and nadis; and also around us called aura.
    • The free and balanced flow of Ki is the cause of health.
    • The disruption in the flow of Ki is the main cause of illness.
    • Reiki raises the vibratory level in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feels are attached.
    • This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing healthy Ki to flow in a natural way.
  • Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.
    • It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki.
  • Reiki photography through Kirlian photography

We are intuitive beings so listen to your inner voice to guide your hand positions, duration, your overall practice.

  • Work with your intuition and trust in it.
    • Hand positions for self-treatment (chart)
    • Hand positions for treating others (chart)